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PS4's release date, the rumored iPhone 5S event, and more.

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The crew discusses Amazon's fabled Android console and the jam of the summer.

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Customizable Moto X, Nvidia Shield, Microsoft's SkyDrive dispute, Xbox One's chat adapter and lack of HDMI DRM, and Apple's new low-cost iPhone.

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The group discuss Google's new lineup of products, including the Nexus 7 and Chromecast.

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Hosts Scott Lowe, Mark Ryan Sallee, and Justin Davis discuss rumors of Apple's delay of a new retina display-enabled iPad mini, photos of Google's Moto X phone, Surface RT price cuts, and the ongoing sagas of the NSA's spying practices, Apple's eBook pricing scandal, and the dispute over the term App Store.

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Scott and Justin discuss Kickstarter accountability, Google's new flagship phone, and more.

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After a brief hiatus, the Tech Fetish crew returns to discuss the big news from E3, Apple's developers conference, and more.

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We discuss Google's rumored X Phone, the Xbox One, and the Razer Blade.

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The crew discusses Microsoft's new console, DRM practices, the constantly connected Kinect, and more!

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This week the crew recaps all of the big news from Google I/O and discusses Nvidia's Project Shield.

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