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Instagram's new Terms of Service, Nintendo TVii, iOS 6.0.2, and more!

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The 150th episode of Tech Fetish is finally here - but will the TF crew talk about Tech? (Spoiler: Nope)

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The Tech Fetish crew just can't get to 150. Instead they talk Wii U and TK.

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Mark, Justin, and Nic finally get back into the groove of things. But can a lack of Frescas and lingering thoughts about getting older derail this podcast once again?

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The Tech Fetish crew chats Apple's hardware-saturated iPad Mini press event, and how we think Apple's new tablet stacks up against the reigning 7" kings. Nic bought a Microsoft Surface RT and it accidentally changed his Xbox GamerTag to SunflowerWharf4, but we still think the Windows tablet is cool.

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Tech Fetish talks about the iPad Mini, the Microsoft Surface, and the new Chromebook. Also they have a very special, very handsome guest.

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We will never clone dinosaurs, and Amazon will never make a dime selling Kindle Fires.
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The razor blade, the epic return of science news and duck-sized horses.
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iPhone 5 review, iOS 6 gripes, and we got presents!
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The crew talks Wii U, iPhone 5 and yes even more time travel.
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The crew talks new Kindles, absolutely bananas TV displays and more time travel talk .
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Apple sued Samsung, Apple won big. We talk specifics, and OnLive, and Neil Armstrong.
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We answered loads of reader questions in this week's podcast. Did yours get answered?
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Why Starbucks' deal with Square matters, why Nic isn't afraid of velociraptors and why we're excited about the Mars Curiosity rover.
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Apple game controller rumors, OnLive comes to Ouya, and SCIENCE!
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Marissa Mayer goes to Yahoo, Ouya gets an exclusive and werebears!
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Ouya, Amazon phone rumors, terrifying chicken viruses and more.
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Tech Fetish takes size talks to a whole new dimension.
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Google news galore! Nexus 7, Nexus Q, Jelly Bean and more.
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Microsoft Surface, reader mail and technical difficulties!
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IGN's new tech editor, E3, WWDC and of course... hardcore science news.
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Facebook, Brain-controlled robots and killer asteroids!
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The Tech Fetish crew discusses the Samsung S3, the Mars rover, and... shampoo?
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Apple's billions, Samsung's success, time travel, and asteroid mining discussed in this week's Tech Fetish, IGN's classiest podcast.
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Mark Ryan Sallee and Justin Davis bring you a heaping helping of science news including a potential super bacteria, augmented monkey brains, and of course.... SPAAAAACE.
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Tune in for Scott Lowe's final episode as he and the group discuss DoJ's new lawsuit against Apple, Xbox 720 rumors and more.
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We discuss next-gen console hardware and Google's new concept project.
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We discuss RIM's steady decline, ASUS' victory over Hasbro, prototype PC tech and more!
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The podcast returns after a two week hiatus. Listen as the group catches up on all of the big news.
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We discuss new MacBook Pro rumors, the Razer Blade, Xbox 720's alleged tablet controller and more.
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iPhone 5, Apple HDTV and iPod nano rumors, Facebook's IPO and more!
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