IGN Tech Fetish
Tech Fetish takes size talks to a whole new dimension.
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Google news galore! Nexus 7, Nexus Q, Jelly Bean and more.
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Microsoft Surface, reader mail and technical difficulties!
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IGN's new tech editor, E3, WWDC and of course... hardcore science news.
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Facebook, Brain-controlled robots and killer asteroids!
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The Tech Fetish crew discusses the Samsung S3, the Mars rover, and... shampoo?
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Apple's billions, Samsung's success, time travel, and asteroid mining discussed in this week's Tech Fetish, IGN's classiest podcast.
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Mark Ryan Sallee and Justin Davis bring you a heaping helping of science news including a potential super bacteria, augmented monkey brains, and of course.... SPAAAAACE.
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Tune in for Scott Lowe's final episode as he and the group discuss DoJ's new lawsuit against Apple, Xbox 720 rumors and more.
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We discuss next-gen console hardware and Google's new concept project.
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We discuss RIM's steady decline, ASUS' victory over Hasbro, prototype PC tech and more!
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The podcast returns after a two week hiatus. Listen as the group catches up on all of the big news.
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We discuss new MacBook Pro rumors, the Razer Blade, Xbox 720's alleged tablet controller and more.
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iPhone 5, Apple HDTV and iPod nano rumors, Facebook's IPO and more!
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Patent law, gaming hardware for mature gamers and CES 2012!
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We discuss the Galaxy Nexus, Mac App Store milestones and more.
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OnLive on mobile, gaming in Google Chrome and listener questions!
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The death of Napster, the Carrier IQ controversy and more!
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The Kindle Fire, the NOOK Tablet, the Galaxy Nexus and more!
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iOS and Android overtaking handhelds, the demise of Flash and more!
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Missions to Mars, Apple discontinuing the Mac Pro and more!
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We discuss all of the new features of Ice Cream Sandwich, new devices and more of the latest in tech.
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The launch of the iPhone 4S, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, new dinosaur discoveries and more.
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We discuss the iPhone 4S, new mobile games, Android Ice Cream Sandwich and more!
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We wade through the rumors, discuss the Kindle Fire, and reveal more about IGN Tech.
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IGN's tech podcast crew discusses all of the latest news.
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Indiana Jones, slide pads, and Japan!
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We discuss the DoJ's lawsuit against the merger, Nintendo's 3DS analog add-on, science news, and more.
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Recap our live video podcast wherein we discuss the Large Hadron Collider, Steve Jobs' resignation, and field viewer questions.
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OnLive's CEO stops by to discuss his radical new wireless tech.
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We discuss the ongoing battle over alleged patent infringement.
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We discuss Sony's new handheld and where it fits in the market.
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We talk Nintendo's slumping profits, Apple rumors, and more.
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New Macs, Apple's new OS, Roku 2, streaming media, and more!
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We talk Google+, Facebook and Skype, HTC sales, and Apple hacks!
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We talk Windows Phone 7, iPhone rumors, Google+ and more!
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We talk E3 tech, Final Cut Pro X, Hulu on Android, and more.
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Get the lowdown on all of the products getting announced next week.
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Our custom-built Wii 2, recapping Google's IO conference and more.
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Apple's iPhone tracking, the PSN breach, Project Cafe and more!
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We talk about the Wii 2, Kinect, the death of the FlipCam, and more!
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We talk HTC's marketshare, Android, the Acer Iconia Tab, and more!
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We talk glasses-free 3D, Windows Phone 7, new tablets, and WWDC.
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AT&T data caps, jailbreaking hate, Motorola Xoom rumors, and Verizon's first 4G device.
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We talk about Apple's next-gen tablet, answer listener questions, and more.
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The iPad 2 is real, the 3DS is in the office, and we've played with the Xperia Play.
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The Motorola Xoom, iPad 2, new MacBook Pros, and more!
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We talk solar flares, mobile tech, Google Music, iPhone nanos, and more!
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The Verizon iPhone, HP TouchPad, and...fleshlights?
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Honeycomb, the Verizon iPhone 4, AMD giveaway winners, and a special guest from Astro Gaming.
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We talk the NGP, the PlayStation Phone, and urinal etiquette.
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We talk Nintendo 3DS, cloning mammoths, and Android phones.
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The podcast returns with talk about CES 2011, the Verizon iPhone, the PSP 2, reader questions and more!
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Scott and Rich discuss the PlayStation Move, Apple's new iPods, plus a few surprises.
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We talk about the downfall of the Internet, jailbreaking smartphones, the PSP Phone, and more.
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Android's growing market share, the KIN debacle, Apple's solution for the iPhone 4, and UFOs!
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We talk PlayStation Move, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Kinect, and iPhone 4.
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IGN discusses the biggest news in tech, including WWDC 2010, PSP 2 rumors, Google TV, and more!
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The Burkecast! IGN Gear intern Chris Burke hosts as we talk 3G iPads, new PS3 controllers, mammoth blood, and more!
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IGN's techies talk iPhone leaks, the Palm buyout, 3D gaming, and more!
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We discuss 3D gaming, exploding things, galactic slapfights, and more.
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Craig Harris and Levi Buchanan join Scott Lowe and Chris Burke to talk about the iPad, iPhone OS 4.0, and more.
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The Gear crew discusses the biggest headlines in gaming and tech.
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Scott Lowe is joined by Scott Bromley and Chris Carle to talk tech.
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Creative Labs stops by to talk about their new World of Warcraft headset.
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Check out IGN's post-iPad unveiling podcast with Scott, Chris, and Dan.
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Your weekly dose of IGN tech talk on the topic of tablets, 3D, and more.
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Tune in as we talk about CES 2010, 3D TVs, the Apple Tablet, and more.
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Scott, Chris, and Rich talk iPhone data caps, Japanese electronics, and more!
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Listen in for our post-iPod event wrap-up!
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Tune in as Scott and Bozon talk MW2 accessories, the PS3 Slim, and more!
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The Fetish crew answers user questions, talks portable memory, and more!
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Scott and Bozon talk digital distribution and the future of media.
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Gerry Block stops by to debut a new product, talk augmented reality, and more!
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The 'Fetish crew talk PS3 Slim rumors, killer worms, micro bots, and more!
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The IGN crew talks iPhone 3GS, controller modding, and more.
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IGN editors assemble to discuss the hardware buzz surrounding the nation's biggest gaming expo.
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We take a closer look at Sony's financial woes and what it could mean for the company.
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Gerry Block stops by to talk Wii accessories, iPhones, and more!
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We talk eBook readers, AT&T's deathgrip on the iPhone, and radio transmitted energy.
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We discuss a future of companion robots...yes, those kind.
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The podcast returneth with a extra dose of OnLive discussion.
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Asteroids, nerd fashion, wireless providers, and more!
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Bozon, Dan, and Scott talk the latest in tech.
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Jessica Chobot makes her first Lowe-era appearance on the podcast with regulars Richard George and Mark Bozon.
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