IGN Tech Fetish (general)

The crew discusses Microsoft's new console, DRM practices, the constantly connected Kinect, and more!

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This week the crew recaps all of the big news from Google I/O and discusses Nvidia's Project Shield.

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The crew discusses Google Glass privacy, 3D printed guns, and more!

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Tune in as the Tech Fetish crew discusses the new Xbox, iOS 7's rumored redesign, deadly lab-borne diseases, and more!

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The podcast returns to discuss Google Glass, Facebook Home, and more.

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We discuss Samsung's Galaxy S4 and it's horrifying reveal. Also: Apple patents, smartwatches, and more!

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We talk Galaxy S4 rumors, the Pebble watch, and new iPads.

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The Galaxy S4, gigabit internet, Ouya's release, jailbreaking, and more.

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The tech powering the PlayStation 4, the HTC One, the Chromebook Pixel, and more!

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CES, Apple Earnings, Twitter's Vine, and more!

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